About Primo Manufacturing

Primo Contract Manufacturing are a British manufacturing company offering a fully integrated solution for brands that require formulations, mixing, filling, sleeving, packing and full logistics.

With over 26 years experience in household cleaning chemicals, automotive care, pet and garden products we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver all of your brands needs.

We are a privately owned manufacturer which gives you the re-assurance we can offer flexibility and versatility whilst handling a large array of product types.

Primo Manufacturing offers world class manufacturing in a state of the art premises where your brand will benefit from the most up to date and efficient manufacturing techniques, a hi-tech microbiological lab, a progressive innovations centre and a dedicated account manager to help you through every part of the process.
In July 2017 we opened a state of the art factory which offers sustainability and environmental credentials which include:

Rainwater harvesting  - Which is harvested on site and is stored and distributed across our factory offices and warehouse units.

Solar PV - Photo voltaic panels to contribute to the electricity we use with any overcapacity being fed to the national grid.

Intelligent lighting  - Controls and sensors ensure the internal LED lighting yields significant energy savings by gauging staff presence and sunlight levels.

Natural ventilation - Passive ventilation to regulate air temperature and reduce carbon emissions.

Docuware - Paperless systems and process management.

Sedum Roof - To reduce air pollutants and regulate temperature and reduce energy consumption.